New Work

Bart Domburg impressionThe new works by Bart Domburg exist on paper with fineliner written texts that are repeated endlessly. The fascination of history is a recurring factor in the work of Domburg. The archives and data are inextricably and are an important source of inspiration and a starting for this series.

The work ’Couperus’ consist of the constant repetition of a text by the Dutch writer Louis Couperus, written in the year 1900, a massive charge on the Dutch colonialism in the former Dutch East Indies.
The work ‘Politik’ contains a text by Joseph Goebbels on the relationship between art and politics. TheBart Domburg Blood, Monologe, Manifest and Stock exchanges (Large) Work ‘Tagebucher’ consists of eccerpts from the diaries of the Jewish professor Victor Klemperer over the period 1933/1945 in wich he describes precisely describes his daily life in Dresden. His reality gets an additional relief through the work ‘Monologe’ that gives an impression of the endless monologues that Hitler held in private on all possible topics: from housing to education, from art to agriculture and Karl May to architecture. The work ‘Adressen’ shows the street names and housnumbers of Jewish families who were registered in 1941 in Amsterdam, of wich most of them were taken away. The clinical data of the addresses is giving by writing them down another meaning; a reminder of the thousands of disappeared families. Through this simple visualization is what is initially reduced to dry data visible again.

In today’s digital society in which everything is archived and stored, and we are flooded with anonymous data traffic, Domburg gives data a visual sense.


Manifest, Tagebucher, Blood, Adressen, Stockexchanges, Monologe, Couperus, Berlin, Politik, Entschuldiging, Zahlen.


BoekjeAn essential part of the the recent work of Domburg is visualizing personal data of individuals.

For instance Domburg wrote down all the books and records of his bookcase in a small book and thus his whole bookcase archived and visualized in the form of this one book.

This offers the opportunity to develop an unique work of art with the content your own personal data, passion and history. As the collection of collector or books, records, the bookfund of a publisher, twitter accounts, favorite poems or favorite song lyrics.

IIn consultation with Domburg you decide the choice of the subject, the shape and size of execution.

In collaboration with Gallery Vous Etes Ici Amsterdam and Klerkx International Art Management.